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In today’s hectic, ever-changing world, an information overload without limits leads to overload. Ever-increasing expectations often test our physical and emotional adaptability, leading to a variety of psychological disorders (e.g. anxiety, mood swings, psychosomatic symptoms).

As a psychologist, I focus on assessing the various life-cycle stucknesses and mobilising inner resources. Through the development of self-awareness, I aim to help people who come to me to find their spiritual balance.

About the process

Every one of us needs to know, understand, and accept ourselves in order to have a chance to know, understand and accept other people; to be well with ourselves and others. 

My task is to hear people’s stories, to listen and understand, asking questions when needed, navigating towards clearer understanding – both the person’s and my own. We work together to find those points and patterns from which the feelings of suffering (anxiety, fear, frustration, despair) stem from, where change is possible and necessary. These points of preconceptions, unconscious drivers may thwart choices different from the usual ones, keeping the person from getting different results when coping with themselves and others. 

In my work, I create an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance and total lack of judgement, where the innate okay-ness of the individual is always a given. Within the safety of the relationship, we can work together as a team to come to know these points of restrictive suppositions and beliefs, and to form strategies leading to the desired change.

We work in english with adults, teenagers, and children as well.

Our service is also available as an online consultation!

Duration: 50 minutes per session

Price: 15 000 HUF / session

Location: Online or at Lélek Központ, 6500, Baja, Mártonszállási út 98.

Booking an appointment is possible in e-mail:

Our Psychologists:

Boga Elek (available online) – Psychologist, counsellor working with adults

Graduated from University of Szeged in 2015. Worked as school counsellor in two institutions in Budapest, both dedicated to the education of underprivileged young adults. Currently in training in the framework of Transactional Analysis. Private praxis from 2019, focusing on both normative and non-normative crises of adults.